6 Quick Steps to Treating Grade 2 Acne Effectively

What to know about Grade 2 Acne aka Moderate Acne

In moderate acne, you’ll see acne present like it does in Grade 1, but there will be additional blemishes. You’ll see more raised yellow or white dots. These are whiteheads (closed comedones). Fluid will come from them when extracted.

You will see more redness and possible swelling due to mild inflammation. Additionally, there will be more papules and pustules.

Here are some pictures for reference.

What to do:

  1. Use a non-stripping, non-foaming, gentle cleanser with beneficial ingredients like Vitamin C, Oat Aminos, Azelaic, and Lactic
  2. When to cleanse: Twice a day and especially be sure to do so at night.
  3. Use an exfoliant twice a week. Again, Glycolic is the best exfoliant when it comes to acne. An anti-acne facial steam is a great add prior to exfoliating.
  4. Use a non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory Vitamin C serum daily
  5. Be sure to moisturize daily with a lightweight moisturizer that has no pore clogging ingredients.
  6. Use a non-comedogenic facial mineral SPF every day to protect the skin’s barrier.

It typically takes anywhere from 30-45 days for your skin to respond to a new skincare routine depending on your age, so be consistent for at least that amount of time.

If your acne seems to be getting worse, seek help from a licensed Esthetician who specializes in acne treatments. An Esthetician will be able to guide you on your journey and if they can’t, they will direct you to a dermatologist who can.

Learn more here about what to avoid and for ways on how to prevent acne.

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