I write my dreams in pencil. Not because they can be erased, but because they can always be revised. - A


Amber Champagne-Matos is the C.E.O. of Champagne Apothecary. Champagne Apothecary is also the parent company of ETHYST® skincare and The Esthetician's Guide to Business.

Amber is a Licensed Esthetician, Best Selling Author (find her book here), and former Senior National Educator for Benefit Cosmetics!

During her career with Benefit, she trained thousands of other estheticians all over the country and helped to write groundbreaking educational and strategic business content, both nationally and internationally, that contributed to the company's overall corporate growth.

Prior to becoming the C.E.O. of Champagne Apothecary, Amber had an accomplished career in multi-level retail & corporate management for almost 20 years. She uses this knowledge and experience to continue to help other Estheticians build their dream business and to scale and grow her own company, so she can help as many people as possible.

She's been a Licensed Esthetician for almost a decade and after struggling with adult acne and hormonal skin issues herself, Amber became fascinated with researching this topic. She now specializes in something she's coined The Midlife Skin Crisis © and has created a skincare line called ETHYST® to assist in overcoming these challenges for good.

The Midlife Skin Crisis happens when aging and hormonal issues meet; causing a multitude of skin issues for people starting in their late 20's/early 30's and continuing on for decades. Understanding the effects that come with these challenges personally, she thoroughly enjoys helping people tackle them for good.

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Amber is passionate about esthetics and self-care. She considers herself a "nerd" for the skincare industry. Her mission is to help and serve others with heart and integrity through the concept of self-care in as many ways as possible and she works tirelessly to do so.

Amber holds her team to what she calls the "Champagne Standard". In all areas of the business, she believes it is crucial that her and her team provide world-class, results-oriented solutions and products, and nothing less. 

In her off time, Amber loves to read, is a comedy writer, and enjoys spending time with her husband (Owner of LABL Design - Tony Matos), their teenage son Liam, and dog Jenga.

Amber loves the Enneagram (she is an Enneagram 4w5!), is obsessed with coffee and once did makeup during New York's famous Fashion Week.

Our Mission

Champagne Apothecary was established in 2019 after Amber decided her life in the corporate sector was too stressful. 


Knowing that people don’t focus on self-care as much as they should, Amber set out to create a business that would help remind people of the importance of self care.

Champagne Apothecary's mission is to help people live abundant lives of self-care full of one of a kind moments and treasures.

We value that the meaning of self-care is very personal.

We believe self-care should be done in the ways you feel are right for you. Champagne Apothecary is a treasure shop bursting with self-care items to help you and those you love make time in your day for some simple self love.

Whether it's a special cup of coffee or tea in the morning, a unique puzzle, book, or game that helps you hop into a fun, colorful world for a few moments, or a skincare routine to help you destress at the end of your day, we have something just for you and truly special gifts for those you love.

We live for helping people de-stress and appreciate the little things. 

Through scent, sound, sight, touch, taste and the experience of our shop and everything that lies within, we're devoted to looking for ways to lead you to an enchanting place of self-care and peace. 

We hope you're transcended to this same place, when you're back at home each time you reach for your new treasure from our shop. And even on the days you don't take something new home, we want just stopping in for a moment to feel like a little gift of self-care.

We believe in loving on and actively participating in our community.

We practice what we preach by investing in our community and the communities of our customers around the nation by carefully curating our shop's products from and supporting local vendors, artisans, and businesses who have shared values.

We also donate up to 10% of our proceeds every year to local non-profit organizations. In 2021, we were able to donate almost $10,000 to support local youth, cancer patients, and animal shelters among other causes!