I write my dreams in pencil. Not because they can be erased, but because they can always be revised. - A

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Amber Matos is the owner and founder of Champagne Apothecary online and in Huntington Beach, CA. She is a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Microblading Artist and former Senior National Educator for Benefit Cosmetics!

During her career with Benefit, she trained thousands of other estheticians all over the country and helped to write groundbreaking educational and strategic business content, both nationally and internationally, that contributed to the company's overall corporate growth.

She's been a Licensed Esthetician for almost a decade and after struggling with hormonal adult acne herself, Amber became fascinated with researching this topic. She now specializes in something she's coined The Midlife Skin Crisis ©.

The Midlife Skin Crisis happens when aging and acne meet; causing a multitude of skin issues for people in their 20's, 30's and 40's. Understanding the challenges that come with these challenges personally, she thoroughly enjoys helping people tackle them for good.


Not only does Amber own an in-person apothecary and skin studio, she has a regularly visited online skincare blog and shop, is currently developing her own skincare line and is the founder of The Esthetician's Guide to Business.

Additionally in 2020, Amber became a Best Selling Author! You can find her book here.

Prior to all of this, Amber had an accomplished career in multi-level retail & corporate management for almost 20 years. She combines her business and skincare knowledge to help all of her clients (skincare clients and business owners alike) reach their goals for good!

Amber is passionate about esthetics and considers herself a "nerd" for the industry. Her mission is to help and serve others with heart and integrity through the beauty industry in as many ways as possible and she works tirelessly to do so.

Amber is an Enneagram 4w5, obsessed with coffee and once did makeup during New York's famous Fashion Week.

Champagne Apothecary Products:

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