7 Steps to Effectively Treating Grade 3 Acne

What to know about Grade 3 Acne aka Severe Acne

Severe acne, or Grade 3 acne, is marked by severe inflammation (more redness and swelling) and many pustules and papules. Lesions tend to occur in clusters and can easily spread and continue to merge. Skin damage and scarring can occur even if you don’t attempt to extract your acneic lesions.

This will lead to skin damage and even without squeezing, scarring can occur once healed. 

It is possible to treat grade 3 acne without the use of medication as long as your acne is truly a grade 3 and not verging on grade 4. If it is closer to grade 4, follow the treatment plan for grade 4. 

Here are some pictures for reference.

What to do:

  1. Connect with an Esthetician who specializes in treating acne. Facials aren't necessarily the way to go, but an Esthetician can get you a really good, custom routine for your skin.
  2. Use a non-stripping, non-foaming, oily skin cleanser with beneficial ingredients like Tea Tree, Glycolic and Salicylic.
  3. Cleanse twice a day and especially be sure to do so at night.
  4. Steam with an anti-acne facial steam and use an exfoliant directly after twice a week. Glycolic is the best option.
  5. Use a salicylic spot treatment regularly on large pustules
  6. Use a non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory Vitamin C serum twice a day
  7. Moisturize using a lightweight moisturizer made for acneic skin
  8. Use a non-comedogenic mineral facial SPF to protect the skin

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