5 Quick Steps for Treating Grade 1 Acne Effectively

What to know about Grade 1 Acne aka Mild Acne

Grade 1 Acne is the mildest of the 4 types. Grade 1 Acne consists of comedones (open aka blackheads & closed aka whiteheads), a few inflamed papules and maybe a pustule or two. Breakouts are minimal and tend to come and go.

Here are some pictures for reference.

What to do:

  1. Use a non-stripping, non-foaming, gentle cleanser with beneficial ingredients like Vitamin C, Green Tea, and other antioxidant extracts like Yucca or Blueberry.
  2. When to cleanse: If you’re drier vs. more oily, you may opt to not cleanse in the morning, but ALWAYS cleanse at night regardless.
  3. Use an exfoliant twice a week**. Glycolic is the best exfoliant when it comes to acne.
  4. Be sure to moisturize daily with a lightweight moisturizer that has no pore clogging ingredients.
  5. Use a non-comedogenic facial mineral SPF every day to protect the skin’s barrier.

**An anti-acne facial steam can provide additional benefits if done before exfoliating.

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