A Quick Guide to Essential Skincare

Everyone wants that one magic product that does it all, but I'm here to tell you, that's just not real.

I'm going to be honest, but then again - when am I not overly transparent? Maybe too much so for my own good some time.

Anyway, as a skincare professional and someone who knows what good skincare can really do for you, writing this post was tremendously hard.

I really had a hard time dialing down skincare to what I deem the "basic essentials".

There were so many things I wanted to add.

But I went through all of my thoughts meticulously, piece by piece, so I could help those who want to get started with some of the basics.

Here are the results of what I decided is absolutely necessary.


1. Cleanser

It's imperative to cleanse your skin and to do so in the right way.

Otherwise, there's really no point of using any other skincare products.

Cleansers help to rid the skin of all the impurities and toxins that get in the way of good skin health and good skincare absorption.

You want to choose a cleanser that's created to balance your skin's microbiome like the ETHYST® cleanser above. 

For fun, check out more information regarding your skin type here: Dry, Oily, Combination or Sensitized.

To make it even easier for you, remember two things when choosing a cleanser.

  1. Stay away from foaming cleansers
  2. Use something that doesn't strip your skin

My favorite all-around cleanser (that literally anyone can use) is ETHYST® Clarity Cleanse

2. Eye Cream

The skin under your eye is thinner and less protected than anywhere on your body.

And it ages 36% faster than the rest of your face.

Simply using a hydrating eye serum everyday will ensure adequate hydration and protection and will help avoid any further damage.
And in case you're wondering, I recommend a serum because the molecular structure allows it to penetrate more quickly and deeply.

ETHYST® Visionary Eye Serum is the #1 selling product in the ETHYST® skincare line. It does everything you would ever need an eye serum to do.

3. Moisturizer

Moisturizer will help you to balance and protect your skin's barrier and ensure it receives the nutrients and hydration it needs in order to function properly.

ETHYST® Daily Ritual is formulated so you can use it both morning and night and throughout the entire year!

4. Sunscreen

No one should be without sunscreen. There's been a lot of back and forth about this due to some horrible ingredients being included in some sunscreens, but to ignore all sun protection based on that is folly.

Sunscreen needs to be used all year long.

Wear it every day and reapply about every 2 hours.

Carry your sunscreen with you when you're going to be outside for an extended period of time.

ETHYST® Sanctuary Tinted Mineral SPF 40 is by far one of the best sunscreens out there.

Not only does it protect from UVA and UVB rays like a broad spectrum sunscreen would, it also contains Vitamins E and C.

Plus, it's a Zinc Oxide/Titanium Dioxide blend (mineral based), which many more people can use without having a negative reaction and is better for you.

Now, you know I can't leave you without a bonus, so here it is.

If you are ready to go the extra mile and add something else to your routine.

Here are the top 3 things I think you should move towards after establishing your basic essentials:




Hope this helps to alleviate some overwhelm and get you started on your journey to your best skin!

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