How to Maintain Combination Skin (7 Simple Tips for Balancing Combination Skin)

Since we learned combination skin operates the same way as any other skin type, you'll just need a good, consistent skincare regimen.

Consistency is the number one secret to your best skin, so all you have to do is know which products to use.

Here are a few good tips specifically for maintaining combination skin.

1. Start with a gentle but effective water soluble cleanser.

A cream cleanser like the ETHYST® Clarity Cleanse effectively remove impurities, debris, and makeup without leaving skin feeling tight or dry or greasy.



2. Apply a hydrating, soothing non-irritating toner

Applying a well formulated toner filled with a healthy amount of skin-replenishing ingredients and antioxidants without the alcohol and witch hazel, like ETHYST®Awakening Toner, can really help nourish dry skin and minimize oiliness at the same time.


Plus, it'll help with pH balance!

3. Use a gentle, non-abrasive, exfoliant.

This is an optimal choice for gently, but effectively exfoliating combination skin. A gentle like the ETHYST® Energy Cleanse helps skin shed dead skin build up, unclogs pores with it's natural astringents - cold pressed lime oil and mint leaf, balances oils, and at the same time gently smooths rough, dry, flaky skin and revives a healthy glow.

Whoa! That's a lot!

4. Protect your skin from sun damage.

No skin type is exempt from the need of a broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater and applied 365 days a year.

This is the one step that reduces the early signs of aging now and into the future. For combination skin, an extremely feather-light, soft matte sunscreen works best all over the face (and don’t forget to apply to the neck!).

Until the ETHYST® sunscreen is ready to go, I would recommend the Earth Harbor SPF 30. It’s one of the best SPF I’ve used by far and everything a facial sunscreen should be. It's a natural, non-nano zinc oxide, provides broad spectrum protection (both UVA & UVB rays - blocked!) and is reef safe and vegan.

5. Use a Skin Barrier Replenishing Serum

For best results, apply a nourishing serum like the ETHYST® Twin Flame Serum under the Daily Ritual Moisturizer. This serum is chock full of skin barrier maintaining ingredients like carrot seed oil, a fatty acid, and anti-inflammatory ingredients like rose hips and rose petals helping to create balance in the skin.

6. Don't ignore your eyes!

Be sure to use a great eye serum, like our #1 selling ETHYST® Visionary Eye Serum.

The skin under your eyes is the thinnest of all the skin on your body and needs extra protection, but often gets overlooked. Make sure you don't ignore that area while you're giving all this extra special attention to everything else!

Using these easy tips will help you to get more balanced skin and overcome your combination skin challenges more easily. Reach out to let us know how it goes on IG or FB 

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