Tallow Balm Body Moisturizer - Whipped w/Hemp Seed Oil

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Grass-fed beef tallow is one of the very best things you could possibly be putting on your skin. It’s nearly bio-identical to human cells - meaning that it’s incredibly similar to your cells, right down to a molecular level - and it’s uniquely compatible with the biology of your skin, containing the saturated fats it needs to maintain its structure over time.

This version is completely unscented, if you want to add essential oils its very easy to do. Since we have many customers that are sensitive to smells, this has been left all natural. Adding hemp seed oil is what really makes this product unique and steps it up several healing notches.

DIRECTIONS: This is so clean and safe, you simply apply as often as needed.

2 oz Glass Container

Ingredients: Organic Grassfed Tallow + Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (less than 10% and this helps to "whip" the tallow balm)

As always, made with organic ingredients. We never include parabens, fragrance, Triglycerides or other harmful chemicals.