Intensive Repair Hand Gloves - Cica, Argan Oil & Shea Butter: Single

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Intensive moisture to soothe hands & soothe your soul. Enriched with an ultra-moisturizing blend of argan oil and shea butter to help restore silky hydration and bring dry, hardworking hands back to life. These glove-like masks are infused with added cica extract to help soothe the look of damaged skin and condition unruly cuticles for soft, youthful looking hands. (Available in 2 Packs & Single hand gloves) Why We Love it; • Sock-like masks are easy-to-use & mess free • Cica: supports skin barrier function to protect against free radicals • Argan Oil: soothes & nourishes irritated skin • Shea Butter: intensely moisturizes the look of dry, hardworking hands. LET'S DO THIS: • Start with freshly clean, dry hands. • Remove gloves from package, *carefully* pull on both ends to open top of glove. • Slip each hand into an individual glove. • Leave on for 30-60 minutes. • Remove each glove & discard after use (one-time use only). • Massage remaining cream into skin.