Champagne Apothecary 100% Essential Oil Rollers

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Now you can enjoy your favorite scents from our Shower Bomb line, in a roller! Whether you have a headache, need help with your sleep, or have muscle aches, our 100% Essential Oil Aromatherapy Rollers' soothing scents can help you.

Each blend features a sleek design with a roller ball for quick, mess-free relief whenever you need it. Let the therapeutic properties of natural ingredients help you feel better – inside & out.

No additives, No toxins or harsh chemicals, No GMOs, Gluten Free, Non-habit forming, Safe & effective for all ages, No synthetic oil-fillers, Convenient & gentle topical application

Each Roller contains 10 ml.

100% natural ingredients Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil,100% pure Essential Oils

Easy to Use: Pre-diluted, no-mess applicators & infused with natural sweet almond carrier oil, apply directly to the skin. Suitable for wrist, chest, neck, temples, behind ears, and palms and soles of feet.