Skin Science - Fish Skin Grafts!

Check out this cool studies on how the medical industry is now using fish skin to graft our own skin!

ETHYST® skincare is based on our skin's natural microbiome! And we've been talking about this way before it recently became a buzzword in the skincare industry.
We love to share information regarding skin science that backs what we've been saying all along - using ingredients naturally found in your skin is best! These ingredients are what your skin naturally needs to allow your skin processes (oil process, hydration process, collagen process) to work at an optimal level!

Why does fish skin work?

It's been found that fish skin is a low cost, high results option when it comes to wound healing.

Fish skin is made up very similarly to human skin in that it has the same flexibility, porosity, and thickness as well as has epidermal, dermal, and cutaneous layers. Fish skin encourages our skin cells to proliferate, which helps our skin to heal quicker. Additionally, it has many of the same ingredients our skin has including omega 3's (like jojoba oil), vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, and more! All ingredients found in ETHYST® skincare.

In one study, they found fish skin to heal our skin 2 whole days faster than dHACM, a placental based material commonly used ins skin grafts!

Why does this matter when it comes to skincare?

Skincare with these same skin nourishing ingredients in it is the absolute best way to "trick" your skin into working properly! These naturally derived skin ingredients will help all of your processes (skin oil process, skin hydration process, collagen process etc) to function at an optimal level.

And this is why ETHYST® skincare is formulated using the best naturally-derived skincare ingredients possible. And why we focus on keeping the skin's microbiome in symbiosis (which we've been talking about WAY before it started to become a buzzword in the skincare industry this year -2023).

If you want great results from your skincare, get a skincare like ETHYST® that gives these nourishing ingredients to the skin and helps you get everything balanced well!