The Mustache Bible

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A Gentlemanly Guide to Finding Your Perfect Soup Strainer

Admit it, guys. You’ve been there and done that with the beard craze. You’ve dabbled in the goatee, switched up your sideburns, and maybe even experimented with waxing (but that’s your business). And yet, when it comes to the coolest, most timeless and mucho manly facial hair look of all – the mustache – you’re still on the fence.

Well, it’s time to commit! The Mustache Bible will show you exactly how to pull off every ’stache in effortless style. From the Horseshoe to the Dali to the Fu Manchu, this book will guide you beyond the Push Brooms and Lip Slugs of yesteryear, and help you present a rakish, modern, masculine mug to the world.

Get out your tiny scissors, boys, because fortune favors the bold, especially the boldly groomed.