SUMHAIR Hair Treatment

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SUMHAIR Hair Treatments

Scalp Care Treatment - Tropical Mango Tea 1 pc mask

Has a sweet mango scent and contains menthol that provides a
cooling effect and helps cleansing.

Additionally, cypress leaf and noni extracts powerfully moisturize and so effectively soothe the scalp.

Silk Volume Treatment - Fruity Jasmine 1 pc mask

It contains hydrolyzed keratin, which helps to make vital hair, and is effective for making a healthy scalp.

In addition, hydrolyzed wheat protein provides protein to hair, creating elastic and voluminous hair and rice germ and rye extracts help moisturize.

Damage Clinic Treatment - Neroli and Mint 1 pc mask

Has a refreshing mint herb leaf scent. Contains ceramides to make the hair shiny and glossy and helps clean up damaged hair.

Additionally, hydrolyzed silk and collagen provide elasticity to damaged hair and help prevent damage.

How to use:

After shampoo, put enough amount on damaged hair and
massage. After 2-3 minutes, rinse well with warm water.