Red Celosia Sage Smudge- Exclusive Production

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Introducing our exclusive White Sage Smudge with Red Celosia Flower also known as wool flower, a sacred blend that combines the purifying power of white sage with the vibrant energy of red celosia flowers. This unique smudging bundle offers a harmonious fusion of tradition and nature's beauty, perfect for cleansing and revitalizing your sacred space. Our smudging bundles are handcrafted using sustainably grown California white sage, renowned for its potent cleansing properties. White sage has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures to clear negative energy and create a tranquil atmosphere. Red Celosia Flowers: Infused with vibrant red celosia flowers, each smudge stick adds a touch of natural elegance to your ritual. Celosia symbolizes courage, love, and positive transformation, enhancing the energy-clearing experience. Every smudge stick is carefully assembled by skilled artisans who have a deep respect for the Earth and its offerings.