Over the Rainbow Kringle Candle - 4.5 oz

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Celebrate the rainbow with this sun-sweet watermelon, cantaloupe and watery honeydew candle. Sprinkled with additional notes of sea salt crystals accented by ozone-infused island greens. 

The original Kittredge Family recipe utilizes the best available candle components with 100% food-grade wax, concentrated fragrance oils containing natural ingredients, and wicks utilizing innovative textiles. This winning formula ensures all of our candles burn clean while delivering the world's best fragrance to your home.

* Kittredge Family founded Yankee Candle in 1969.

Fragrance Oil — Maximum potency fragrance made with natural ingredients extracted & compounded in NJ, FL, GA, TX & MO USA

Wax — 100% soy, natural, biodegradable, clean-burning, non-toxic soy wax refined in North America.

Jar — 100% recyclable, sustainable glass jar, Ohio USA.

Label — Easy peel label for jar reuse for storage containers & more! Printed in Springfield, MA.

Wicks — 2 wicks, 100% natural cotton fiber blend engineered to burn clean in candle systems with high levels of fragrance oils.

Burn Time — up to 30 hours, ultra-fragrant, clean burning. Perfect for larger size rooms and for every occasion.

4.5 oz

Scent Profile

 Melon, Sea Salt, Ozone 
 Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Marine 
 Melon, Sweet, Green