Onyx Bathhouse Foaming Body Scrub

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The skin of your dreams is a scrub away!

Onyx Bathhouse Foaming Body Scrubs are formulated with luxurious oils like Moroccan oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, and peppermint oil that hydrate the skin as they exfoliate. 

These scrubs foam and lather so you don't miss any spots and will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth after each use! while releasing a beautiful scent. Each is scented to create its own magical spa experience inside your own home!

Makes a great hand scrub too!

Scent Descriptions

Beach Vaycay - Peach and Raspberry

Champagne WIshes - Honey and Pear

Drivin' Me Coconuts - Coco and Verbana

Goddess - Juniper, Charcoal, and Musk

Hot Mess - Pomegranate, Musk, and Honey

Love is Love - Pineapple and Mango

Son of  Nutcracker - Vanilla and Almond

Wild Mint - Mint (more wild herbal mint than peppermint)

Birthday Cake - Vanilla and Sugar

Gingerbread - Gingerbread

Twisted Peppermint - Pure Peppermint

Marshmallow - Marshmallow

Mermaid Goals - Coconut and Lime

Unicorn Dreams - Strawberry, Kiwi and Apple