Aroma Memory Study Kit -Math/English/Science

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"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance…" William Shakespeare.

Aroma Memory is a powerful and scientifically based technique that utilizes our ability to link aromas to memories. Use this kit to help retain academic information, reduce exam stress, and focus on delivering your best work.
Our Study Kit is a unique and useful gift for any teen or college student. The kit comes with three custom aroma blends (made from 100% essential oils) that have been tailor-made for a specific subject. We have formulated our blends using essential oils known to enhance focus, retain and recall information, support creative thought and imagination. These oils include Rosemary, Basil, Vetiver, all well documented for their ability to trigger memory and support cognitive function.

Step 1) Study Time: Roll your chosen subject blend onto the pebbles of your bracelet, enjoy the aroma throughout your study time, reapply as needed.

Step 2) Exam Time: Wear the same aroma blend on your bracelet during the exam to encourage memory recall, focus, and reduce anxiety.

KIT includes - 3 unique Aroma Memory Blends / 1 Lava Pebble Bracelet / Cloth Bag / Instruction Card.
created to enhance focus while encouraging curiosity and logic.
My MATH created to help you process math problems with accuracy and speed while supporting memory and focus.
 created to enhance creative imagination while accurately communicating ideas.