Overcoming Mediocrity: Unstoppable Women - Autographed Copy

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Overcoming Mediocrity: Unstoppable Women is the book that made Champagne Apothecary's owner, Amber Champagne-Matos a Best Selling Author! 

After discovering how truly precious and unpredictable life is through a devastating loss, Amber Champagne-Matos set out on a journey to overcome the impossible and break through the noise of the over $500 billion beauty industry.

Her story divulges intimate details about the personal hardships that led Amber to finding beauty in the most difficult of circumstances, following her heart and creating a solution to an often overlooked problem in the skincare world.

Amber hopes this story gives readers the courage to pursue their true passions and become who they were really meant to be.

Since the publication of the book, Amber's journey has continued to flourish even further resulting in a business model change (Champagne Apothecary & Virtual Esthetics), the launch of ETHYST ® skincare, the launch of LABL Design and has led her to create The Esthetician's Guide to Business where she helps other Estheticians build 6 figure businesses organically!

And there's so much more on the way!