Been’s Beans - Specialty Small Batch Coffee Beans

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Small batch specialty coffee beans offered locally at Latitude. Origin story below!

Of course, here at the apothecary, we had to go with the New Moon Blend!

Just as the night of the new moon is the darkest of nights, our New Moon Blend is our darkest of roasts.

This blend is dark and bold with a full body. with sweet dark choclate notes.

12 oz per bag

We also have the Middle Pond Blend.

This is the house breakfast blend. This breakfast blend is light to medium in roast profile with mild acidy and bright flavor notes.

12 oz per bag

Benny Beans first started working with coffee in the summer of 2012, in Boston MA, at Sip Cafe. While with Sip, Beans learned how to make a variety of coffee and espresso based drinks in a high volumn and fast paced environment.

During his time with Sip, he was also able to take part in coffee tastings and speciality barista traninings provided by George Howell Coffee, which helped him develope a much deeper understanding and appreciate for the industry.

Since returing back to to the Western Mass area in 2015, Beans has been involved with Mass Appeal Coffee and Roasted Mobile Coffee Services.